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————————————————— Welcome to Team 1834 Evolution ————————————————

Team Evolution has a short but rich history, which includes evidence of gracious professionalism and integrates the hands on application of science, engineering and technology that is promoted by US FIRST Robotics. Our founding high school, SIATech (School for Integrated Academics and Technologies), incorporate the application of robotics into the curriculum of its Math, Science and Senior Projects classes. Our team was created to showcase the existing partnerships between SIATech (School for Integrated Academics and Technology) and San Jose Job Corps Center.

FIRST ROBOTICS competitions allow all the partners to team their ongoing programs in a manner that gives the students a model of engineering, science and technology applications in the real world. All of the student participants are involved in career technical training that will allow them to be employable and contributing members of society. The beauty of the FIRST competition for our team in particular is the opportunity to put the skills the students have acquired from their career tech training into a cohesive unit that defines success as a functioning robot, completed, on time, by a team of students and mentors that have worked together successfully and modeled gracious professionalism throughout the process.

While our team is short on history our partners have a rich history of providing academic and career technical training, inspiration and support to our students that produces life-altering effects for the student participants. And more far reaching effects are felt in the community as our graduates move on to productive lives and become contributing members of society. ...... Read more ....